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Travel dates22.05.24-21.05.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children
Canary Islands

3 Nights, Double Room, Breakfast

Holidays Canary Islands

Time to pack your holiday clothes and be enchanted while on your holiday to the Canary Islands; one of SWISS Holiday's many divine worldwide travel destinations. Get yourself a special rate by booking your flight and hotel together and take full advantage of our package deals. SWISS Holidays has the tailored holiday package for you no matter whether you are celebrating a major occasion in your life, in need of some relaxing family time abroad or craving a relaxing holiday on the beach. Expand your cultural horizons, delight in national culinary delicacies, share an adventure and make amazing new memories on your memorable holiday in the Canary Islands.

Your Canary Islands vacation

The Canary Islands is a destination that offers something for every traveller. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a trip where you can have a chilled out relaxing break or a vacation full of adventure; the picturesque landscapes of the Canary Islands and its sensational sights are sure to leave you wanting to come back for more.
As an introduction to your Canary Islands vacation, we decided to put together a few suggestions of where to see and what to eat:

See the sights of the Canary Islands

When looking through travel guides or asking friends, it's often confusing when it comes to deciding where to explore first. The first on the list should be a trip to see the amazing Las Palmas and Tenerife, the Canary Island's capitals; with such a variety of things on offer, Las Palmas and Tenerife offer something for every visitor. Next, be sure to visit the Canary Island's beautiful beaches for views that are truly awe-inspiring and that reach to the horizon.

Taste the local dishes

Exploring the Canary Islands and seeing the many amazing sites is sure to build up an appetite. Luckily, lovers of food will never be short of a new exciting meal to enjoy in the Canary Islands as the locals are famous for their world-class talents in the kitchen. Be sure to make the most of traditional restaurants, especially by trying a great selection of Tapas or by ordering a plate of Papas Arrugadas with mojo sauce. Discovering your own side of yhe Canary Islands can often be thirsty work, but luckily the locals have their own way of overcoming this issue with a shot of Ronmiel, a honey-rum liquor.

Top up on culture

Taking in the culture of the Canary Islands is one of the most rewarding parts of the visit and no trip is truly complete without delving into the national parks of the Canary Islands. Now it’s time to sit back and reflect on all the incredible experiences you’ve had during your stay in the Canary Islands and begin planning your next adventure.