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Travel dates01.03.24-28.02.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children


3 Nights, Double Room, Breakfast

Weather In Reykjavik

Air temperature: 4°C

Water temperature: 4°C

Holidays Reykjavik

As one of many glorious worldwide travel destinations available you are sure to be on your holiday to Reykjavik; pack your suitcases and prepare to explore. By booking your hotel and flight together with Swiss Holidays you are sure to things your holiday simple and get some of the best rates available. SWISS Holidays has the tailor-made holiday package for you if you are in need of some well-earned family time abroad, are celebrating a major milestone in your life or looking for an exciting new city to discover. Explore exciting new cities, expand your cultural horizons, enjoy national culinary delights, be part of an adventure and above all, make new memories on your stunning holiday in Reykjavik.

Your Reykjavik vacation

Those who are looking for a unique holiday experience should look no farther than Reykjavik. With its impressive buildings, rich culture and world-famous cuisine, Reykjavik is the perfect location for any holiday maker. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family retreat, or taking advantage of a -minute booking, a Reykjavik vacation is certain to be the place where a lifetime of memories are made.
We it's essential to get the most out of your Reykjavik vacation, so here’s a few of our tips for your stay in Reykjavik: so we've put together some suggestions on how to spend your time in Reykjavik:

See the sights of Reykjavik

Because there is such a diverse range of attractions to see in Reykjavik, it is often a challenge to decide where to start. It's well known that there are is an endless list of places to see in Reykjavik, in all likelihood the landmark that wows visitors the most is the astonishing Hallgrímskirkja. Next on the agenda, opt for a relaxing way to explore Reykjavik and explore the shimmering Harpa concert hall and cultural centre.

Taste the local dishes

After a day exploring, Reykjavik you will probably have grown curious about the local food. Reykjavik is famous for being a melting pot of culinary delights, try some of them by exploring the Hot-Dog places that are found everywhere for an Iceland-ized take on the German import.

Top up on culture

Reykjavik is maybe most known for its abundance of culture. For a unique and memorable experience, reflect on your vacation by trying out Tjörnin, a small lake close to the centre of the city. Next, check out the National Gallery of Iceland.