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Travel dates26.07.24-25.07.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children

3 Nights, Double Room, Breakfast

Weather in Budapest

Air temperature: -1°C

Water temperature: 1°C

Holidays in Budapest

Budapest is an undoubtedly spectacular city which is steeped in history and stunning architecture but there is much more to discover past the castles and ornate buildings. Budapest is in the top 25 visited cities in the world, is often cited as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and recently earned a place in Forbes’ top 10 most idyllic places to live. Visit Budapest with Swiss Holidays and see its many great buildings, take an enlightening guided tour down the Danube or relax in one of Budapest’s hot water springs. Whatever what the reason is for wanting a holiday, Budapest is sure to have it.

Enjoy your Holidays in Budapest

Budapest was once three cities; Buda and Óbuda on the west bank of the Danube, and Pest on the east bank. Since then, Budapest has become a city famous for its economic, cultural and educational prowess while offering tourists the ability to relax or enjoy a livelier side of the Hungarian capital. Budapest’s history can be vividly seen through its architecture which dates from Roman times to very contemporary, innovative styles of buildings.

Hot water springs Budapest

It was the hot water springs of Óbuda that persuaded the Romans to take over the area that is now Budapest and although none of their baths are still functioning, there are a number that date back to the Turkish occupation about five hundred years ago. The ancient thermal baths are used for a number of reasons; relaxation, healing ailments or simply for fun. The fact that Budapest sits on a network of around 125 thermal springs means that there is plenty of thermal baths to choose from.

Budapest tourist attractions

Holidays to Budapest are not complete without a walk up to Buda Castle and Palace which sits at the top of a hill on the west bank of the river Danube. The complex of buildings dominates the landscape and can be seen from miles away; especially during the night when the walls are elegantly illuminated. For the best experience, visit the castle and palace night where the city can also be seen fully light up. Walk amongst the many paths and over the tall walls for the best views of the city and its bridges.

If the castle and palace have not quenched the thirst for awe inspiring buildings, walk up to the Fisherman’s Bastion for panoramic views over the Danube, Margaret Island and Pest. Or if the idea of more heights is seeming unpleasant, take a stroll across Budapest’s Chain Bridge, a popular walkway between Buda and Pest. For one the more unusual things to do in Budapest, visit Memento Park, an outdoor museum of retired communist statues from the cold war era.

What to eat in Budapest

Whether it’s their spicy Fisherman’s Soup, the Halászlé; or the Hungarian speciality of Goulash, you are sure to fall in love with some kind of soup dish in Budapest. These are possibly best enjoyed in the cold months of the year so if you want something for the summer months, try the savoury version of their pancakes called Palacsinta. Those with a sweet tooth will find themselves right at home in Budapest; simply look out for Hungary’s famous Chimney cakes. Finally, for a taste of how the locals shop and eat, pay a visit to the Great Market Hall to see the vast range of fresh produce, or to simply see the architecture of the building.

A trip to Budapest with Swiss Holidays guarantees to offer something for everyone, regardless of taste or preference, book a trip for a new adventure.