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Travel dates23.07.24-22.07.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children

3 Nights, Double Room, Breakfast

Weather in Hamburg

Air temperature: 0°C

Water temperature: 4°C

Holidays in Hamburg

Hamburg is a city that revolves around its harbour; everything from the history of the city to the food has been touched in some way by the Elbe. The port in Hamburg, which is the second largest in Europe, has produced much of the city’s affluence and has helped it grow into Germany’s second largest city. In terms of entertainment, Hamburg has a thriving music scene in both classical and contemporary music, has one of the world’s most famous football teams and has a host of museums, historical sites and attractions.

Enjoy your Holidays in Hamburg

A holiday in Hamburg is one of the most exciting city trips that can be had; not only is there a permanent buzz around the Reeperbahn for its nightlife but the docks have their own vibrant charm. Hamburg will always be special to the locals as it is the only major city in Germany that is not landlocked and this has in part help characterise the city. The many rivers, canals and streams that run through Hamburg have led many to liken the Venice, and its 2,500 bridges have helped fuel this comparison. A trip to Hamburg with Swiss Holidays promises to be vibrant, surprising and exciting.

Visit Hamburg and its harbour

One of the first things to do during a visit to Hamburg is visit its harbour and its waterways. The harbour in Hamburg historically catapulted it to be one of the wealthiest trading cities in the world and is now home to a whole host of attractions such as the Hamburg Fish Market. Not only is this fish market hailed as one of the world’s best, but it is also a great place to find something great to eat. It is often the case that those looking out over the port with a fish sandwich are a mix of people just starting their mornings and those just finishing their night.

Around the area of Speicherstadt, which is the world’s largest warehouse complex, there are some great hidden gems to be found in the quirky coffee houses and bars. The warehouses have been a protected historical site since 1991 and can be explored in historic barges through one of the city’s canal tours. The area truly comes to life in the evenings when the district is illuminated by a non-profit scheme named the "Lichtkunst Speicherstadt".

Musical things to do in Hamburg

Hamburg’s new Philharmonic, the Elbphilharmonie, is built on top of one of the city’s many warehouses in the HafenStad and is an architectural marvel as well as one of the city’s musical gems. The buildings grand hall is built so the audience are never further than 30 meters away from the conductor so there is a more intimate experience. World famous composers, orchestras and musicians can be seen at the Elbphilharmonie and tickets can be found to suit even the thriftiest tourists.

It cannot be forgotten that Hamburg was the city that earned The Beatles international status and has honoured the Liverpool musicians by calling an area of St Pauli Beatles-Platz and by erecting a monument to the band. Hamburg’s music scene is still going strong with bars and clubs hosting live music on a nightly basis.

Discover St. Pauli

It is difficult to mention Hamburg without mentioning St Pauli, one of the city’s most famous districts. Not only is this part of Hamburg home to one the world’s most well-known football teams, FC St. Pauli, but it is also where the infamous Reeperbahn. These 930 metres stretch of road is home to numerous bars, nightclubs and also acts as the city’s red-light district. Although this area is not recommended for children or those who are easily offended, the Reeperbahn is one of Hamburg’s iconic places and is certainly worth a visit.

Hamburg is full of surprises and is sure to impress all of its visitors with its vivacious waterfront, hypnotic canals and eccentric night life; book a holiday to Hamburg with Swiss Holidays to experience one of the most exciting cities in Europe.