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Travel dates25.05.24-24.05.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children

3 Nights, Double Room, Breakfast

Weather in Prague

Air temperature: -1°C

Water temperature: 1°C

Holidays in Prague

Prague’s historic, often Gothic buildings and its narrow, cobbled streets have a tendency to transport visitors back in time; furthermore, the fact that Prague has numerous fascinating and often strange museums only adds to this feeling. Prague is an ideal destination for anyone that wishes to aimlessly wander and look for their own way as there is a pleasant surprise around every corner. Be it the quirkiness of Prague or the homeliness of its cuisine, it is no surprise that Prague draws in such quantities of visitors every year.

Enjoy your Holidays in Prague

Prague is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and is visited by tourists from all walks of life due to the diversity of the city. The summers are warm while the winters turn the city into an ideal Christmas break. The architecture of Prague is often dramatic and awe inspiring and the city still retains many of its old buildings; an enthusiast will recognise all styles from Romanesque to Gothic, Baroque and even Art Nouveau. Finally, Czech cuisine is revered across Europe for being hearty and wholesome while the beer is famous throughout the world.

Top things to do in Prague

Prague was spared the destruction of World War 2 when compared to some of its neighbouring cities and still retains a great deal of its old buildings. Prague Castle is one such example of Prague’s architecturally impressive structures and acts as a symbol for the city. It was originally built in the 9th century as the centre for Czech rulers and presidents. The castle itself covers almost 50 hectares and is home to a palace, a church, gardens and is one of the best locations to see a panoramic view of the city.

Possibly one of the most interesting but dark spectacles in Prague is the Old Town Hall and its astronomical clock. The town hall was first built in the 1300s and its clock, known as the Orloj, displays Bohemian time, Babylonian time, German time, phases of the sun, day of the months as well as signs of the zodiac as well as a skeleton ringing his death knell for each hour. Climb the town hall’s tower to learn the tragic story of the clocks creator and the curse he put on the astronomical clock.

Prague day trips

For those that wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre for a day, there is a number of trips that act as a perfect respite. The medieval city of Cesky Krumlov lies around 100 miles south of Prague and still retains many of its old buildings including its castle that overlooks the town. For a more grown up day trip, the Pilsner Urquell Brewery offers tours, tastings and a museum. In a response to the citizens of Plzen pouring out barrels of beer in front of their city hall in protest of its quality in 1838, brewers joined forces to create the country’s famous Pilsner.

What to eat in Prague

Food is taken very seriously in Prague and it is not just there to soak up the beer, however that is often a happy side effect. For those that are not lucky enough to experience the culinary delights of the Christmas markets, there are a whole host of other options to choose from, but remember, there is no such thing as small portions. For those that seek a large savoury dish, any self-respecting Prague restaurant will happily serve up giant sized portions of roasted duck, Goulash or Julajda – a kind of creamy, traditional Czech soup served with mushrooms and a poached egg. For those looking for a sweeter meal, search out the Kremrole or Butchy – which is a sweet ball of dough.

There are few places that leave their visitors as enchanted as Prague; book a trip to the Czech capital to experience it first hand and have a fairy-tale holiday.