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Travel dates22.05.24-21.05.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children

3 Nights, Double Room, Breakfast

Holidays Croatia

Time to pack your things and be spellbound while on your holiday to Croatia; one of SWISS Holiday's many amazing worldwide travel destinations. Take full advantage of our great deals and ensure yourself a special rate by booking your hotel and flight together. Whether you are enjoying a major occasion in your life, eager for some well-earned family time abroad or craving a relaxing holiday on the beach, SWISS Holidays has the custom holiday package for you. Explore new exciting cities, expand your cultural horizons, enjoy local culinary delights, be part of an adventure and above all, create new memories on your beautiful holiday in Croatia.

Your Croatia vacation

Croatia is one of the most loved destinations by travellers. With its stunning landscapes, rich culture and world-renowned cuisine, Croatia is the perfect destination for any globetrotter. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of a last-minute booking, looking for a romantic getaway or searching for a family retreat, Croatia is sure to be a destination where memories are made that you will never forget.
As an introduction to your Croatia vacation, we decided to put together a few recommendations of where to visit and what to taste:

See the sights of Croatia

When looking through travel guides or asking friends, it's often confusing when it comes to deciding where to explore first. the first on the list should be a trip to see the iconic Zagreb, Croatia's capital; with such a variety of things on offer, Zagreb offers something to suit every visitor. Next, make sure to visit Croatia's long coastline for truly awe-inspiring vistas that seem to go on forever.

Taste the local dishes

Getting to know your very own Croatia is sure to build up healthy appetite. Luckily, food lovers are going to feel right at home here as the locals are renowned for their world-class talent with cooking. Be sure to make the most of traditional restaurants in Croatia, especially by trying a Brodet, a Croatian seafood stew or by ordering slow cooked beef called Paticada. Discovering your own side of Croatia can often be thirsty work, but luckily the locals have their own way of overcoming this issue with a Croatian wine or local Rakija.

Top up on culture

Visiting Croatia can’t be complete without taking in some of the varied culture the on offer. Be sure to try out some of the qualities that make a Croatia vacation by investigating the country's Greek and Roman ancient history. Enjoying a more low-key side of your holiday will no doubt give you ample time to reflect and relax on everything you've experienced during your holiday.