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Travel dates25.05.24-24.05.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children

3 Nights, Double Room, Breakfast

Weather in Vienna

Air temperature: 5°C

Water temperature: 8°C

Holidays in Vienna

Taking a holiday in Vienna not only gives an insight into a city, rich with history and culture, but it also gives tourists a snapshot of a city that has won awards for being one of the best cities in the world to live in, every year for almost a decade. Vienna plays host to numerous museums which offer a mix of expected and unexpected artefacts from its long and exciting history while its architecture spans approximately 900 years. With warm summers and cool winters, Vienna offers something to every traveller, no matter what their preference or taste.

Enjoy your Holidays in Vienna

A holiday in Vienna gives snapshot of a city rich in culture and history but also shows tourists a glimpse of what it is like to be in a city that has been voted as one of the world’s best cities to live in for almost a decade. From its architecture to its music to its food, Vienna is one of the most diverse and interesting cities that anyone could ask for. Book with Swiss Holidays to get the most from your holiday in Vienna.

Concerts in Vienna

Vienna is a city built on music; many of the world’s most famous composers are from Vienna and many more have left their mark on the city. To truly see how music has impacted Vienna, visit the Musikverein, one of the world’s great concert halls. Or visit the Weiner Musikverein which is located a short walk just outside Vienna’s city centre. The Musikverein offers numerous shows which will please any audience and for as cheap or as expensive as you please.

Vienna tourist attractions

If architecture what drives a holiday to the city, Vienna has an abundance of buildings to satisfy all cravings. Romanesque, Baroque, Art Nouveau and modern architecture can all be found rubbing shoulders with each other. The Hundertwasserhaus for example is one of Vienna’s most visited buildings for its iconic and unique expressionist style. Then on the other hand, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of Vienna’s oldest buildings dating back almost 900 years. With its multi-coloured, patterned roof and dominating steeple, St. Stephen’s is truly one of Vienna’s gems.

If your Viennese holiday is inspired by museums, Vienna offers both the expected and unusual side by side. Located in one of Vienna’s oldest homes, take a bizarre look into everything time related with the Clock Museum which displays over 1,000 clocks. Or take a short walk to Vienna’s museum quarter and discover one of the largest culture centres in the world. Wherever you go in Vienna you will not find yourself far from one of the city’s 100 art museums.

Vienna shopping

Shopping in Vienna was perhaps made so famous due to its Golden Quarter, a string of high end shopping destinations that seeks to please the fans of designer luxury. on the cobbled and paved historic streets of the Golden Quarter between St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Stock Exchange, shoppers will find the likes of Emporio Armani, Jimmy Choo and Prada.

Shopping is not however all about luxury, to truly experience Vienna its essential to visit the city’s flea markets. Vienna’s biggest flea market is the Nashmarkt. While half of the stalls are reserved for antiques dealers at the Nashmarkt, there is an abundance of international and Austrian food venders. All of this is surrounded by those quintessential Art Nouveau buildings that epitomise Vienna.

Vienna food and drink

No trip to Vienna is complete without the local speciality, the Wiener Schnitzel. This breaded and pan fried cutlet of beef or veal is sure to make anyone feel at home in Vienna. Vienna’s wine scene is also an experience that is not to be missed. Vienna has its own vineyards and its local wine is often served in small pub-style establishments called Heuriger.

Be sure to book your holiday in Vienna with Swiss Holidays for an unforgettable holiday.