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Travel dates23.05.24-22.05.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children
United Arab Emirates

7 nights in a double room, incl. flight
Flight and hotel individually combined

Holidays in United Arab Emirates

As one of many divine worldwide travel destinations available you are sure to be delighted on your holiday to the United Arab Emirates; so, pick up your ticket today and prepare for your next unforgettable holiday. Make the most our great deals and secure yourself a special rate by booking your flight and hotel together. Whether you are enjoying a major milestone in your life, eager for some well-earned family time abroad or desire time in the sun, SWISS Holidays has the custom-made holiday package for you. Explore the many sights, taste the different cuisines and most importantly, take part in a new adventure on your unforgettable holiday in the United Arab Emirates.

You’re United Arab Emirates vacation

Sightseers around the world have long since held the United Arab Emirates close to their hearts. With its pleasant landscapes, rich culture and world-renowned culinary art, the United Arab Emirates is the perfect destination for any globetrotter. Whether you’re looking for a family retreat, a romantic getaway or taking advantage of a last-minute booking, the United Arab Emirates is sure to be a holiday where a lifetime of memories will be made.
We know how important it is to make the most out of your United Arab Emirates vacation so we've written down some of our top recommendations for your break:

See the sights of the United Arab Emirates

Many people are staggered by the number of things to see on your United Arab Emirates vacation but, amongst the most import sights, you should definitely explore Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates' capital. With countless attractions and examples of architecture, Abu Dhabi offers possibilities for every type of tourist. After getting your fill of hustle and bustle, take time to slow down and see the United Arab Emirates' rolling deserts and enjoy world-famous views.

Taste the local dishes

Exploring the United Arab Emirates and seeing the many amazing sites is sure to build up an appetite. Luckily, lovers of food will never be short of something to enjoy as the locals are known for their world-class talent with cooking. Be sure to make the most of traditional restaurants in the United Arab Emirates, especially by trying a famous bowl of Al Harees or by asking for Shawarma, a tasty kebab style dish. Discovering your own United Arab Emirates can often be thirsty work, but luckily the locals have their own way of overcoming this issue with a strong cup of Arabic coffee.

Top up on culture

A visit to the United Arab Emirates can’t be complete without taking in some of the varied culture the on offer. Be sure to try out some of the reasons why the United Arab Emirates is thought to be so incomparable by staring up at the modern architectural marvels. Enjoying a more low-key side of your holiday will no doubt give you ample time to reflect and relax on everything you've experienced during.

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