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Travel dates23.05.24-22.05.25
Duration3-7 nights
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7 nights in a double room, incl. flight
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Holidays in Maledives

Malé is the capital city and most densely populated area of the Maldives. Most of those that spend any time in the Maldives speak about the stark contrast between the laid-back atmosphere of the surrounded islands and the vivacity of Malé. A visit to Malé gives an insight into how the people of the Maldives really live and allows tourists to enjoy the same energetic markets and restaurants that the locals do; meanwhile being surrounded by the island’s characteristic turquoise waters. If the hustle and bustle of the city gets too much, Malé’s quitter idyllic neighbour islands are only a short ferry ride away. .

Enjoy your Holidays in Maledives

As the city of Malé is packed into such a tight space, there is an enormous amount to do all within walking distance. While visiting the island, there is a real sense that Malé is the epicentre of the Maldives and the fact that it is the political, social and economic centre is fiercely evident. From the throng of the city’s markets and rows of sky scrapers to relaxing on one of the island’s neighbouring islands, there is always plenty to experience on Malé. Book your holiday with Swiss Holidays and experience the Maldives capital first hand. .

Places to visit while on holiday in Malé

Perhaps the most important thing to see on Malé is the Hukuru Misi, also known as the Friday Mosque. Not only is it the most renowned mosque in the country, but it is also the oldest, biggest and the mosque that was visited by the sultans of the country. Entry to the mosque is not always possible but those who are well dressed and respectful may get to enter and see a mass of ornate wooden and coral carvings adoring the walls and ceiling. Take a walk around the coral gravestones outside the mosque and see the tombs of the island’s sultans. .

While exploring the island, be sure to visit Sultan’s Park, of the remaining green spaces on the island. In one of the corners of this park is an ancient mosque called Kalhu Vakaru Miski which has been deconstructed and constructed in several locations but has most recently found its home in this quiet space. There has been no mortar used in the construction of this mosque and no nails have been used in the wood. .

The city has two main markets that are a must see during a visit to Malé. Firstly, the Fish Market, is full of tuna, skipjack and bonito but sometimes the market has yellowfin tuna and marlins on display which are always impressive. Right next to the fish market is the fruit market where the locally grown fruit and veg are sold. .

What to do on Malé’s neighbouring islands

It is hard to imagine a trip to anywhere in the Maldives without exploring the neighbouring islands and there is no better way that an island-hopping tour. Many of these tours meet on the island of Malé and there is always a range of options to choose from. Experiences vary from visiting deserted islands and eating barbeque on the beach to exploring local villages and seeing how the locals live. .

Sport on the islands is growing in popularity and there are activities for everyone. For those who want something a little more relaxed, there is plenty of snorkelling and fishing available, but for those that seek a bigger thrill there are a number of diving safaris to suit all abilities. There is also some surfing around Malé however this is a pastime that is fairly in its infancy. .

Whether it is the thriving city or a base to explore quiet islands from, Malé is the perfect destination; book with Swiss Holidays and discover the Maldives. .