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Travel dates01.03.24-28.02.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children


7 nights in a double room, incl. flight
Flight and hotel individually combined

Holidays Canada

As one of many divine worldwide travel destinations available you are sure to be enchanted on your holiday to Canada; pack your suitcases and prepare to explore. Make the most of our package deals and ensure yourself a special rate by booking your hotel and flight together. Whether you are celebrating a major milestone in your life, ready for some well-earned family time abroad or desire a relaxing holiday enjoying nature, SWISS Holidays has the tailor-made holiday package for you. Expand your cultural horizons, delight in national culinary delicacies, share an adventure and make amazing new memories on your memorable holiday in Canada.

Your Canada vacation

Canada is a destination that offers something for every traveller. No matter whether you’re looking for a trip where you can have a chilled out relaxing break or a holiday full of adventure; the beautiful landscapes of Canada and its dazzling sights are sure to leave you wanting to go back for more.
As an introduction to your Canada vacation, we decided to put together a few recommendations of where to see and what to eat:

See the sights of Canada

With such a long list of amazing places to see, you may find yourself lost when you come to decide where to explore first. The very top of anyone’s list should be a trip to see the iconic Ottawa, Canada's capital; with such a variety of things on offer, Ottawa offers something to suit every visitor. Next, make sure to visit Canada's Rockies for vistas that are truly awe-inspiring that seem to go on forever.

Taste the local dishes

Getting to know Canada is no easy task, particularly when there is such a list of things to explore and see. After exploring during the day you’re sure to have worked up quite the appetite. Canada is famous for being a environment of exciting culinary delights. Find Canada's world-renowned restaurants and bars in for a plate of pankcakes with Maple Syrup or Canadian Game. After a hard day sightseeing and discovering your own Canada, be sure to do like the locals do and settle down with a Caesar, Canada's lighter take on the Bloody Mary.

Top up on culture

A visit to Canada exploring the unique culture of Canada is the best way to complete a holiday. Be sure to visit some of the qualities that make a Canada vacation by seeing the unique styles of Canadian arcitecture. Enjoying a more subdued side of your holiday will no doubt give you ample time to reflect and relax on everything you've enjoyed during your holiday.

Canada best locations