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Travel dates22.05.24-21.05.25
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children

7 nights in a double room, incl. flight
Flight and hotel individually combined

Holidays Egypt

As one of many historical worldwide travel destinations available you are sure to be enchanted on your holiday to Egypt; so, buy your ticket today and get ready for your next unforgettable holiday. Make the most our package deals and ensure yourself a special rate by booking your flight and hotel together. SWISS Holidays has the bespoke holiday package for you if you are in need of some well-earned family time overseas, are enjoying a major milestone in your life or looking exotic sightseeing. Create new memories during your picturesque holiday in Egypt by immersing yourself in culture, going on an adventure and by enjoying the delights of local culinary delights.

Your Egypt vacation

Egypt is an impressive place to visit for even the most well-travelled sightseers. To think of Egypt is to imagine world famous culinary art and beautiful landscapes but its rich culture makes for a truly incomparable experience. Egypt is sure to be the place for making memories whether you’re looking for a family retreat, a last-minute vacation with friends or a romantic getaway
We know how important it is to make the most out of your Egypt vacation so we've written down a few top tips for your stay:

See the sights of Egypt

Cairo, Egypt's capital is often one of the first places to discover on your Egypt vacation. Cairo's number of attractions and interesting history make for the perfect location for all travellers no matter what they are searching for. After exploring the Cairo, it’s time to see a more relaxing side of Egypt and take a trip to Egypt's deserts for world famous views.

Taste the local dishes

Exploring Egypt and seeing the many amazing sites is sure to build up healthy appetite. Luckily, food lovers are going to feel right at home here as the locals are famous for their world-class skills in the kitchen. Be sure to make the most of traditional restaurants in Egypt, especially by trying a Shish taouk, which is a marinated kebab, normally made of chicken or by ordering sweet Basbousa. Discovering your own side of Egypt can often be thirsty work, but luckily the locals have their own way of overcoming this issue with a traditional tea or coffee.

Top up on culture

A visit to Egypt taking in the varied culture of Egypt is the best way to complete a holiday. Be sure to visit some of the qualities that make a Egypt vacation unique by gazing at the ancient Egyptian monuments. Enjoying a more subdued side of your holiday will provide the chance to reflect and relax on everything you've experienced during your holiday.